JuLi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional VRLA battery manufacturer

Dedicated to the research, production, sales and service of fully sealed, maintenance free AGM batteries and gel cell batteries. Our products are extremely popular across a wide array of uses, including the supply of electricity for backup power systems in uninterrupted power supply (UPS), emergency power supply (EPS), DC cabinets, and for street lighting, electric toys, and emergency lights. We have dedicated ourselves to ensuring reliable performances and quality of all our products and always supply clients with products known for innovative functionality, a long service life and, of course very competitive pricing. To get great value for your money please consider Mingke fine battery products for all of your power supply needs! Details

Featured Products
    1. Gel Cell Battery Gel cell batteries are used to provide primary and backup power to emergency lights, electrical tools, toys, measuring instruments, safety alarms, UPS systems, control system, medical equipment, spare energy, computer backup power supply, power systems, railway systems, power stations, military equipment and communications equipment.
    1. AGM Deep Cycle Battery AGM deep cycle batteries, also known as absorbent glass mat batteries are extremely common rechargeable batteries that provide primary and backup power to a variety of electronic system. Some of these include, emergency lighting, electric power tools, toys, measuring instruments, alarm and fire protection, UPS systems, medical apparatus and instruments, and computer standby power systems.
    1. Rechargeable Front Terminal Battery Rechargeable front terminal batteries are applicable in a wide range of electrical systems as both a primary and backup power source. The deep cycle batteries are used in emergency lighting, power tools, toys, measuring apparatus, safety alarms, UPS systems, medical apparatus and instruments, railway networks, power plants, ship equipment, military equipment, and telecommunications equipment.
    1. Backup VRLA Battery The 0.8AH-28AH VRLA Battery, also known as a 0.8AH-28AH valve-regulated lead acid battery, is used in a number of diverse applications. Some of these include, but are not limited to: electricity supply for emergency lighting, electric tools, electric toys, measuring apparatus, fire alarms, safety alarms, UPS systems, operating systems, medical apparatus and instruments, stand-by power supplements, computer backup power, and electrical power systems.