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Wind energy systems
Wind power is obviously reliant on a consistent source of wind, however a properly sized battery powered back up system can provide enough emergency power for several hours or even days. Our batteries for wind energy systems are sufficient for handling average power outages which typically last less than a day.

Telecommunications systems
Telecommunications are vital systems in our society and power outages can wreak havoc on these networks. Our backup batteries help to prevent and minimize downtime in order to keep systems operational in the case of power disruptions or failures.

Solar power generation systems
JuLi battery backups can be installed alongside solar systems in order to provide a stable source of emergency power during periods of obstructed sunlight or other power grid shutdowns. Battery powered backup systems are an integral part of solar power generation systems, particularly those in which adverse weather can cause frequent blackouts.

Alarm systems
During an emergency situation it is not uncommon for an alarm system to lose power, whether it is caused by a fire, earthquake, flood, etc. The purpose of our alarm system backup batteries is to keep the alarm system running regardless of the regular input power. Backup power allows for full preparedness for power outages and system redundancies. With a backup power source, your building is always protected. When the lights go out, your system will power back on, drawing electricity from the battery pack for the alarm and sensors.

Computer System Backups
Our battery backup systems are able to provide sufficient electricity to servers, desktop PCs, and other electronic components during power failures or fluctuations. The backup power allows certain systems to autosave files and shut down systems in a safe manner. Without backup power, these computer networks can lose important data even during momentary power loss.