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About JuLi
  • Company Introduction

    Brief introduction of our company:
    JuLi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise focused on the design and manufacturing of advanced, high quality fully sealed and maintenance free AGM batteries and gel cell batteries. With an emphasis on friendly, quality sales and services, as well as advanced production, customers come to us knowing their battery requirements for safety and reliability will be met on time, every time. With headquarters located in Guangdong Province, JuLi has branches in Foshan and HongKong as well as agents for different brands throughout China in order to better serve our customers and their power supply needs.

  • About Our Factory

    At JuLi, we own and operate a complete battery production line in order to carry out the development and production of a full line of rechargeable batteries.

    This is the first production workshop, where the production of solar batteries with mid to large capacities is done. These batteries are primarily narrow-shaped, high power batteries with a long service life, guaranteeing customers receive long-term power supply when the need it. Voltages include 2V, 6V, 12V, with a capacity ranging from 24AH to 3000AH.

    The battery cases themselves are made of ABS material that is in line with UL94 and UL94V-0 standards. The cases are also corrosion resistant, and prevent electrolyte leakage, guaranteeing customer usage safety.

  • Quality Certification
    • CE Certificate for Lithium Battery
    • FCC Verification for Lithium Battery
    • ROHS Certificate for Lithium Battery