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Company Introduction

Brief introduction of our company:
JuLi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise focused on the design and manufacturing of advanced, high quality fully sealed and maintenance free AGM batteries and gel cell batteries. With an emphasis on friendly, quality sales and services, as well as advanced production, customers come to us knowing their battery requirements for safety and reliability will be met on time, every time. With headquarters located in Guangdong Province, JuLi has branches in Foshan and HongKong as well as agents for different brands throughout China in order to better serve our customers and their power supply needs.

Our batteries have an excellent capacity, a long service life, a great cycle performance, and are rechargeable up to 1800 times, with a guaranteed use for more than 3 years. Our products have a variety of diverse applications, including electricity supply for backup power systems in uninterrupted power supply (UPS), emergency power supply (EPS) and DC cabinets, as well as street lighting, electric toys, and emergency lights.

Our company has a complete battery production line and two production workshops responsible for producing batteries of different capacities. We are also able to independently handle the production process so that customers are never left waiting for a back ordered product.

Main technical characteristics of our products:
Battery case: ABS material in line with UL94 and UL94V-0 standards.
Electrode plate: The special alloy for the electrode material has a high tin content which reduces the corrosion rate and prolongs the battery service life.
Separator: Imported high quality AGM separator
Terminal: A copper terminal with great conductivity and outstanding resistance against abrasion leads to a remarkable increase in an instantaneous starting current.
Safety valve: A sensitive safety valve manages to supply and release the air to ensure the safety. It also keeps air pressure under a certain range to promote the gas recombination.

Features of the batteries:
1. The valve regulated lead acid battery features a long service life and no need for maintenance.
2. The recharging efficiency has been improved by 98%, thanks to the use of an AGM separator.
3. The special alloy used for electrode material features a high tin content that reduces the risk of corrosion, and extends the service life.
4. The water loss is low and no electrolyte stratification is found.
5. Our products have a great performance, during both charging and discharging.
6. Our batteries are known for their outstanding recovery performance, even after a full discharging process.
7. These batteries are extremely safe. There is electrolyte leakage, and no bulges or cracks on the battery container, even under extreme stress. These batteries can even be upended, with no impact on the safety.
8. A large heat capacity reduces the risk of thermal runaway, making the battery less prone to over drying, which allows the battery to be used even in harsh conditions.
9. Our products are able to withstand a strong electrical current. There is no fusing in the conductive part and no distortion of the exterior, even after a fully charged 2CA battery is discharged for several minutes or a 10CA battery is charged for 5 minutes.
10. All our products are designed in accordance with IEC60896-2ir22, JISC8704-2, and GB/ T19638-2 standards.